New York Immigration Court Links For Virtual Hearings (via WebEx)

See the WebEx Virtual Hearings in Immigration Court Guide for more information about the process.

New York – BroadwayACIJ Khalilah Taylor (KHT) 828 4975Internet-based
 J. Thomas Bartleson (TSB) 929 4517Internet-based
 Scott Bratton (STB) 063 7216 Internet-based
 Noel A. Brennan (NB) 456 7391Internet-based
 John P. Burns (JHB) 954 1409Internet-based
 Andrew M. Calvelli (AWC) 302 6185Internet-based
 Olivia L. Cassin (OLC) 220 7499Internet-based
 Jess Christensen (JBC) 769 6035Internet-based
 Jennifer Chung (JCG) 496 4754Internet-based
 Diane L. Dodd (DED) 540 5485Internet-based
 Robert L. Gundlach (RTG) 212 3492Internet-based
 Edward P. Grogan (EGN) 682 9017Internet-based
 Carolyn L. Krasinski (CKI) 516 7056Internet-based
 Brigitte Laforest (BLF) 024 8589Internet-based
 Shirley Lazare-Raphael (SLR) 760 3015Internet-based
 Tanawa Lebreton (TAL) 446 3510Internet-based
 Kalenna Lee (KNL) 867 6137Internet-based
 Michael W. Lloyd (MLL) 729 4577Internet-based
 James M. McCarthy (JMM) 485 1150Internet-based
 James R. McKee (JME) 001 0156Internet-based
 Maria Navarro (MEN) 946 2445Internet-based
 Carol Moore (CLM) 157 1000Internet-based
 Adam Perl (APL) 922 3687Internet-based
 Aviva Poczter (AVP) 238 7121Internet-based
 Douglas B. Schoppert (DBS) 040 5997Internet-based
New York – Federal PlazaACIJ Megan Herndon (Acting) 828 4975In person
 Lori K. Adams (LIA) 777 1051Internet-based
 Amit Chugh (AC2) 855 6207In person
 Raisa Cohen (RAC) 967 8151Internet-based
 Carol A. Crawford (IJC) 364 8967In person
 Kyle A. Dandelet (KED) 327 1646In person
 Evalyn P. Douchy (EPD) 157 0151Internet-based
 L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens (LES) 567 3565Internet-based
 Samuel M. Factor (SAF) 260 9176Internet-based
 Lauren F. Farber (LTF) 774 4548Internet-based
 Lena Golovnin (LGN) 447 3707Internet-based
 Cynthia Gordon (CYG) 199 242 6104Internet-based
 Vivienne E. Gordon-Uruakpa (VGU) 650 5643Internet-based
 Dorothy Harbeck (DH) 112 1235Internet-based
 Amanda Jeannopoulos (AJS) 199 895 5769Internet-based
 Carrie Johnson-Papillo (CCJ) 231 8760Internet-based
 Amiena A. Khan (AAK) 692 7810Internet-based
 David Kim (DDK) 024 4092In person
 Deborah E. Klahr (DKR) 228 5272Internet-based
 Theodora N. Kouris (TKS) 508 2167Internet-based
 Frederic G. Leeds (FGL) 696 7326In person
 Anna Little (ACL) 762 8229Internet-based
 F. James Loprest Jr. (JLP) 911 7726Internet-based
 Maria Lurye (MLY) 304 8116Internet-based
 Gioia Maiellano (GAM) 164 5162Internet-based
 William H. McDermott (WMD) 400 1237Internet-based
 Michael G. McFarland (MMF) 827 3603Internet-based
 Dania Nassar (DNA) 033 9015Internet-based
 Karen Nazaire (KAN) 382 3257In person
 Barbara A. Nelson (BAN) 589 3666In person
 Tiesha Peal (TAP) 667 8852Internet-based
 Jonathan Reingold (JNR) 629 3170Internet-based
 Cathy Sagesse (CSE) 220 9147Internet-based
 Alice Segal (ASL) 911 3588Internet-based
 John J. Siemietkowski (JNS) 501 4664In person
 Jem Sponzo (JCS) 137 5647Internet-based
 Scott E. Thomsen (STT) 142 4992Internet-based
 Donald Thompson (DWT) 498 7700Internet-based
 Mimi Tsankov (MMT) 372 7083Internet-based
 Virna Wright (VAW) 719 1764Internet-based
 Randa Zagzoug (RZA) 442 0332Internet-based
UlsterACIJ Brandon C. Jaroch (BNJ) 464 0764Internet-based
 Kyung Auh (KYA) 952 3632Internet-based
 Charles M. Ouslander (CSO) 370 5495Internet-based
 Roger Sagerman (RFS) 382 9208Internet-based
New York – VarickACIJ Ubaid ul-Haq (UUL) 266 6883In person
 Shayne R. Burnham (SEB) 861 1125In person
 Charles R. Conroy (CC1) 224 1886In person
 John DeCure (JDE) 713 9204In person
 Richard H. Drucker (RDD) 499 9638In person
 Margaret Kolbe (MGK) 481 6304Internet-based
 Lisa W. Ling (LLG) 834 0101In person
 Thomas Mulligan (TJM) 136 1017Internet-based
 Thomas J. Mungoven (TSM) 956 0396In person
 David A. Norkin (DNO) 959 0680In person
 Francisco R. Prieto (FPO) 269 3640In person
 Dara F. Reid (DRD) 099 2265In person
 Themistoklis Aliferis (THA) 222 5361Internet-based

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